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We are a system integrator specializing in intelligent warehousing, logistics sorting and packaging, and intelligent digital factory automation. Kesheng Intelligent has independently developed intelligent, efficient, and flexible sorting, packaging, and warehousing automation systems in multiple industries such as food, medicine, tobacco, and light industry, and has formed a complete series of products and solutions for logistics sorting, packaging, and warehousing equipment.


  • Intelligent warehousing solutions

    The intelligent warehousing system consists of a shelf system, a stacker, an automated control system, a computer warehouse management system, and s...

  • Logistics intelligent sorting and packaging solution

    In the face of the new market situation, the application of intelligent logistics equipment in various fields is becoming more frequent, especially ...

  • Logistics robot

    Kesheng Intelligent can provide various intelligent transportation solutions for pallets and material racks based on customer on-site transportation...

  • Digital software system

    The WMS+WCS system of the Internet, combined with Kesheng Intelligent sorting line equipment, forms an intelligent sorting system that achieves sort...

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Looking forward to the future, Kesheng Intelligent Logistics Equipment will adhere to the spirit of persistent pursuit and continuous innovation, follow the concept of "righteousness, dedication and customer orientation", and face Made in China 2025 2025. Kesheng is determined to build a strong intelligent logistics equipment R&D and production base in China, fully meet the needs of users for Logistics automation automation, intelligentize, digitalization, informatization, networking, specialization, systematization and flexibility, so as to make the society more intelligent!

High speed one piece automatic cardboard box wrapping machine

High speed one piece automatic cardboard box wrapping machine

The high-speed packing machine is an equipment developed by our company, with integrated design. Developed on the original differential cardboard pa...

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